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Our Kennel was founded in 2007 by myself and my longtime partner, Roberto, who has been so supportive of the project. When we started, it was very basic. I met a woman selling a few Miniature Schnauzers and I, having just received an unexpected good fortune with a new job, bought all four.
Having purchased all four, I soon realized that my heart was bigger than my wallet, and I tried to return the dogs to the woman, who refused. So, my motherly instinct put me in a precarious position where I couldn’t really afford in time or money, the dogs I had bought. So, I went to my boss and explained the situation. My boss was very receptive to the situation and offered to have his daughter babysit the digs while I was at work. He then promised that he would help me sell the dogs, in the meantime. Within a week, I sold all the dogs for the price I paid, plus the price of the food. However, one of the buyer’s offered me twice as much as I had paid, so I accepted. I even told them that I would accept ½, but they insisted.
We were meeting over a drink; all of us; my boss, me, Roberto, and my boss’ daughter. We all kind of decided that we enjoyed the process and thought that Mini Schnauzers were super cute. So, we decided to set up an ‘upscale’ kennel. We called it ‘Upscale Doggie Life’, and we began researching stray reports and other volunteer kennels for dogs that we could recruit and place into new owners homes. So far, we have over 100 success stories and 10 employees. We hired a Veterinarian as well, to be sure that all the dogs are healthy. We are extremely happy and I run the Kennel full time. Roberto has a different job but manages on the weekends sometimes, and builds things.

Ana Pavlovic