I recently bought a mini Shnauzer from an owner near my home town, although I had to drive for 4/5 hours to get there, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you to Angelica for opening up this website for Shnauzer’s owners. It was so easy to find exactly what we wanted, in a reasonable area nearby. The owner’s were very nice and Angelica’s support was truly essential.

When I first started our search, as I had grown up with Shnauzer, we were very discouraged. It was nearing impossible to find something that wasn’t way overpriced and I stumbled on Angelica’s Stockholm kennel via a keyword search. I had given up and was just browsing photo’s. it had never dawned on me that Anglica would know so many Shnauzer owner’s worldwide.

Now, we are working with Angelica to find a female because our male is nearing ready to breed. She has a number of contacts nearby and we are planning a vacation to match our dogs up. It has all been much more than I had initially expected and we will soon be investors in a litter!

-Stephen, 37

Our daughter had a picture of Shnauzer on her wall for over 10 years, but she took it down when she got older. We were very happy to see it go, honestly, but we were even more surprised when she brought home a shnauzer puppy!! I suppose we own a great deal of thanks to Angelica for connecting us.

Here is my account of her story, as it was told to me:

In fact, the storefront selling the shnauzer puppies seemed to be either a tv repair shop, an mafia accountants office, or, seemingly harmless compared to the violence pending in both prior options, and strangely unused office space that was actually functioning a portal to 1990. That said, the woman who greeted her was wearing new blue jeans that fit her backside very well, and funny shoes. Her shirt was plaid, and her gray/black hair was up in a bun. Tammy was sure that the woman had just walked in from a long day on the farm, and would offer her lemonade.

The woman knew English, as do all breeders of Shnauzers; although they don’t know they know it, which can be confusing if they were to ever star speaking it by accident, which very rarely happens. But, in this case, the woman really did know English and explained that these puppies were very special. The old woman, somewhat of a shut-in, but completely normal, and, as it turns out, a very skilled tax preparer when in season, a lawyer by trade, had learned of a secret regime out to prevent the birth of the final true Shnauzer breed in all of Stockholm. At this moment, for the first time in 2 years, Tammy was not thinking about her phone.

The conspiracy, as it turns out, was devised by a certain sect of the government, explained the woman, assigned to maintain the dominion of humans over animals, within Stockholm. You see, at one time, there was some question as to the measure that the animals were, in fact, secretly trying to outbreed the humans. So, not to dwell once again on China, but the government set forth a decree that all dogs should be registered with the city, and that it is advisable for them to be neutered and spayed. On top of that, to make matter worse, they were now inserting microchips into the dogs, so they could easily track them.

Of course, when the woman explained this to Tammy, what Angie heard was a culture of folklore and realism, not a suburban law-code established by the city. She thought the woman was very clever and thought very highly of her. So, when the woman pulled ‘Our dog’ out of the box for the first time, it was as if he were King. His toy body fit into a jacket pocket and his regal head was heavy, as if he were supporting a crown. Tammy fell in love, at first sight.

Thank you, Angie – you changed our life!

-Tina, 44

I am a Board Member and Founder of, a casino company based in Sweden which has made us, and many of our client’s, hugely successful. I grew up with Shnauzer pup and had always wanted to have another one for my kids.

Price was no object as I began my search online; but I soon realized that I wanted a pup similar to what I was raised with, not the perfect Shnauzer. So, when I came to Angie’s site, complete with strays, but with an expertise in true Zhnauser’s I was very impressed. I had always felt that our pup would be best with some social skills, but that we would also pay a trainer to train him.

I was very pleased to find that Angie’s kennel was actually already training the pups with a professional trainer and had a fulltime veterinarian on staff. I was further impressed with her willingness to take dogs of all kinds, but her focus on Shnauzers. I knew I wanted t a lapdog, but my lapdog, not somebody else’s.

Angie actually brought the dog to me, by car, hand delivered; and introduced him to my home, property and family. Her introduction was perfect, and the dog was taken with my kids right away. After, Angie stayed for dinner, at the invitation of my wife, and we sent her on her way after she said goodbye to her ‘little guy’.

I couldn’t be more impressed with the level of professionalism in Shnauzer care than Angie provided. She continues to stay in touch with us, and I continue to use her as a broker for supplying our food, health supplies, and toys.

Thank you!
-Mike, 51

Ana Pavlovic