My Story

When I moved to Stockholm, from Seattle, I was nothing more than a student. My parents were native Swedish, but moved to Vancouver for work. Later on, they relocated to Seattle because my Father found work there.

So, I applied to school and attended school in Stockholm. The move was rather a shotgun decision and I was one day in Seattle, next day in Stockholm. I mean, I know it as going to happen but I wasn’t sure if I would really do it. I think my parents’ were more sure.

I recall my flight to Stockholm, nervousness and excitement. Then, landing, in the airport, people everywhere. Then, finally, in the city itself. The organizational hustle and peaceful, and compete serenity that has grown to define my lifestyle in every way. The architecture and generally cultural style of discourse was very comfortable for me and I felt completely at home within minutes. I delayed one week before reporting to the campus, and I met most of my current friends within the first month of my time there.

I studied engineering and business and knew absolutely nothing about dogs, except that I had a dog growing up. The background story on the kennel is very interesting, and you can view it on the introduction page – fact is, it was a completely spur of the moment decision.

I am not sure if I am success story, or whatever, but I love Shnauzer’s and I feel so lucky to have stumbled into this incredible profession – just like an entrepreneur.

Ana Pavlovic