For sale

Here are the Shnauzer’s currently available:

Timber is a three month old pepper colored Shnauzer with a great attitude for playtime. He had a tendency to fall over at feeding time and we have called him ‘Timber’ ever since. He has a small white spot on his hind leg which makes him easy to keep track of around the Kennel and he is mildly slower that most to the feeding bowls. He also is willing to stay longer, when needed.
If you like pups with a funny sense of humor and sly look, this is your guy!

Leyla is a beautiful female pup with a number of sweet habits. She has already taken to licking her own paws and kept a keen on eye on her Momma after just a few weeks. One trait she copied, which we have discouraged, is her tendency to beat the boys up during playtime. Nothing serious, but she shows a real amount of energy which will serve her well in the future. Infact, it’s more for the sake of the boys than for her.
She has a beautiful pepper coat and we have her in a bow.

Mikey is tough little guy with a red streak of hair across the pepper coat. Calling him the irish-man, he has been a real go-getter and favorite amongst the staff. His eyes stayed closed for a little longer than the others, so, he is a little sleepy still. But, no worries, he is heavy handed and holds his own well in the play-time.
Mikey is single and ready to mingle!

Tina was purchased within 3 days of birth because she was deemed to be the strongest female in the litter. The owner has agreed to have us watch over her and has not yet named her. We keep her in a bow and she remains the strongest of the litter. We expect that the owner will breed her and we already secured breeding agent representative rights for her. We have a good line on this litter, in particular.
Tina has been purchased.

Tommy was a tough guy, but has cooled out every since Tina laid into him during one play session. In fact, he still has a small cut on his paw, but he is not remorseful about it and likely forgot which of the litter bit him. In fact, we don’t think he really even remembers being bitten. The staff has been great with him and very professional. We are confident in his ability to be a good guard dog in the future, and proper breed dog, depending on how her develops.
Tommy has been viewed 2 times, with one buyer pending – he is available for viewing.

Rickey, seen here in the hat, is a family favorite for sure. Middle of the pack, always in a fight for food, mealtime ready, and as playful as can be; he has developed and incredibly kind demeanor and is well liked by the other dogs. He rarely fights anymore and has rather taken to watching after the smaller members. He was sold last week and is expected to be delivered sometime next week.
Rickey is fully available, but we have multiple inquiries.

Polly looks a bit british for whatever reason and is a bowler’s cap away from being the runt of the litter. Very small, but not the runt, we expect to sell her as to a family with the expectation to spay. Her breeding rights would be fine, but generally near runts are let to spay as they may experience difficulties in birth. She is incredibly cute and an ideal housedog.
We expect her to sell in the next week, and have had more than 3 requests for viewing booked for this week.

Frankie is the runt of the litter, never given enough space to capitalize on much. He will be neutered and we expect him to sell as a housedog within the week. There is no question that Shnauzer runts resemble toys, and well-formed runts can go for very high prices. We are keeping the price reasonable to avoid mistreatment by speculators or middle-brokers.
Frankie was bought last week, for the asking price. He is ready to be picked up tomorrow!

Bentley was named for his chrome grey coat and he is a standard Shnauzer with all the loveable qualities we have come to expect. He has a protective streak and generally likes to watch the other dogs eccentricities. A very curious brow, he will partake if deems fit, during playtime.
Bentley has been selected by a family and we expect that to go through in the next few days. For the time being, he has been reserved.

Ronald is the remaining ‘dorm parent’ as such, form a previous litter. We have put him in with our other premiere breeds and he surely represents the breed well amongst them. The price reflects his advanced age, nearly 1, and we expect he didn’t sell because he has always had a very slight limp on his hind left. He is a staff favorite, for sure.
Ronald is fully available.

Ana Pavlovic